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It's possible it will be back in stock or available in store. Add FIFA 17 to your basket with one of the following consoles:. Cheers, shared this info on Playstation Facebook group. Great deals but seems to be a bit of a wild goose chase You need to be super quick to snap up one of these deals. Well they are clearance sales after all. Everywhere seems to sell out very fast, nearly got one from Tesco but by the time I'd created an account it was out of stock. The page doesn't exist anymore. Presumably sold out. The online stock goes way too fast. Never thought I'd buy a PS4 again.

PSN is still painfully slow, any way to fix that yet? Do you get any errors when you run the internet connection test? What NAT level does it report you are connecting with?

Grainger Games tells shops not to open, they are being closed

Hey, Thanks for the reply. I have the same issue with all the console networks occasionally.

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I think it's just depends which CDN you are connecting to most of the time. Belong is a risk. A huge one. It's still unproven even after 15 months. The plan to open of them over the next three years is going to be a massive task and one full of danger and uncertainty.

There's not generally a good news story around" However, scratch beneath the surface and there were some worrying statistics for the 26 weeks ending January In-store Belong arenas are crucial to GAME's entire strategy going forward "Where we have Belong, we see a far improved retail performance as well," he explains. Everything I've seen about the proposition looks exceptionally strong" The development of Belong is all very exciting, but while the concept remains in its infancy - and the profitability is yet to arrive - GAME's core business remains selling boxed games and hardware.

But as GAME knows better than most, playing it safe is simply not an option anymore. Enter your email address. GAME asks shareholders to accept Sports Direct buyout Company says 30 pence per share is a fair value considering industry challenges By Christopher Dring 4 months ago. If Game are wondering why their pre-owned sales are on the decline, maybe they should look at their prices. Why would anyone pay these prices?

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  6. I think it makes a lot of sense for game retailers to use physical space on the high street in different ways, given the huge shift to digital and online shopping. Christopher Dring Publisher, GamesIndustry. Dave Herod: GAME is undercut by Amazon because it doesn't have physical overheads at least not to the same degree and Amazon is capable of avoiding tax. GAME is undercut by Tesco because Tesco can afford low margins as it makes up for it via the sale of other goods.

    GAME's prices is not out of greed, it's because it plays by the rules and games is its primary business. However, it knows this, which is why it tries to secure exclusive content and special editions to make up for the higher prices.

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    Although, when it comes to older titles, GAME is one of the most affordable places on the market - according to GfK figures. Pre-owned, I suspect, will continue to decline as more games are built to last longer and there's a drop in trading-in. Christopher Dring: I didn't say it was out of greed, I'm just saying that's the reality facing them. From a customer point of view, why would you shop at Game when you can get the same thing cheaper somewhere else in a better condition?

    As for playing by the rules, I would say that selling second hand games for barely less than full retail price after having bought them from customers for peanuts doesn't exactly inspire good-will amongst those customers. Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing A year ago. Not that Dave Herod was wrong, but wouldn't it be better to compare prices of six month old games to get an idea where the used market is heading? To that end, here are the five topsellers of PS4 Version and what they cost Germany. Imo, this is the difference to generations past, where the price was set in stone. This is what is killing chains relying on used games, as the new pricing kills used games from both directions.

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    If a used game store can barely ask half price for a game not older than 12 weeks, then who is going to trade it in at a fraction of that price? I do not see used game revenue bouncing back. As for Belong, it certainly beats stocking the store with more merchandise crap. What type of city and population this arcade revival requires to work, I dare not say. Dave Herod: Actually Klaus is right in this case. They're new games. But it's when those titles start to age that the pre-owned appeal starts to set in.

    People shop at GAME for a few reasons. Including access to limited editions and exclusives, plus the ability to buy a game, complete it and then trade-in against the next one. That business is declining, hence Belong. But it's still big business.

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