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Although Ken Combs is well-known as a former Trinity High School teacher, a state champion track and cross-country coach, and the visionary behind the Derby Festival mini-Marathon and other road races, Larry Holt had slightly different perspective. The year was a turning point for the entire family. During his four years at Bellarmine, Holt worked part time at the store.

However, after graduation in , he decided to move away for a while. Instead, Holt found plenty of opportunities in retail sales, working in the Deep South for the Athletic Attic chain of stores and then with a partner in a store of their own. Combs decided to retire, and offered his stepson the opportunity to buy the store, which had been thriving since its move to Shelbyville Road in And instead of only one enterprise, he now has three.

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Hurstbourne Parkway. And whereas Ken Combs used to put on as many as 18 road races in a year for Kentuckiana runners, Holt is happy to assist others with finish line and volunteer duties.

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  6. 4137 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40207.

Home town: Bullitt County. I am an runner with bad knees and I miss my runs, so the Eliptigo looks like a great alternative! Would be great if there was a site to go to and see what products are available at the store!! The Great American Beer Run! July 21, at Willow Park at Cherokee Triangle!

This 3 mile run will take runners through the scenic loop at Cherokee Park with 4 craft beer stations along the way. Competing as a local runner through high school and beyond, Larry explains how his parents, Ken and Sylvia Combs, opened the running store in , well aware of community needs that national chains were failing to meet. In the 33 years since its founding, Ken Combs Running Store has supplied Louisville not only with the goods and services local runners need to succeed, but also with a greater sense of place and purpose to help unify the community.

But Larry is also aware of the fact that the community is comprised of individuals, each unique and to whom he's ready to give special attention when needed, such as a woman with a leg length discrepancy who died some years ago but is still remembered fondly. Larry says, "At that time we did shoe modifications," explaining how much he enjoyed driving the nearly 20 miles to her house with four or five pairs of shoes in tow for her to choose among.

In addition to working closely with individuals and training groups in the community, Larry allies the store with other local small businesses for their mutual benefit. Additionally, it is also advisable to find a shoe with great support and high traction such as the Asics Gel Venture 6. The Marathon Runner. Running You burn fat, increase your bone density and reduce the risk of heart disease. Except you will have your body beaten enough to prompt a week of muscle inflammation. In addition to causing pain along the bottom of the foot next to the heel plantar fasciitis or crippling pains up the sides of your thighs overstretched IT bands.

To prevent plantar fasciitis, thoroughly stretch your calf muscles in preparation for runs, and do the same afterward. For the tight IT bands, integrate core workouts as part of your running regime. For both cases, ensure you get the proper footwear, not just the comfy, but those that provide enough support.

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As a first-time marathoner, you may choose to wear the Brooks Ghost 11, which is a lightweight, breathable, and well-cushioned running shoe for your exercises. The Ultramarathon Runner. A stress fracture is a serious crack in the bone as a result of a sudden increase in mileage, which is cured with rest. To treat knee pain, pat your knee using a knee brace, take anti-inflammatory drugs, and decrease your running distance.

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  7. Top Brands at Ken Combs Running Store.

To prevent knee injury, strengthen your external hip muscles by performing clamshells or side-lying leg lifts. For ultramarathoners , the shoe should be lightweight to allow for a smooth ride and easy transition. Luckily, the Adidas Adizero Boston 7 meets these qualifications. To avoid a horde of running injuries take several precautions and proper planning. The benefits of wearing the right running shoes cannot be emphasized enough—be it a hike or a run—get yourself footwear that supports your feet correctly. Also, learn how your body operates, beware when to run and when to stop.

But most importantly, talk to a trainer and start running over your stress, depression and belly fat. Fate 5 and Kismet 5. We set out to create a running shoe that was different.

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Not for the sake of being different, but to make every stride better. Our active technology creates the most responsive ride on two running shoes. Our architecture creates full-foot protection. Our level platform aligns with the human body and puts you in a position to run most naturally. Over time, many shoe designs have become thicker, cushier and heavier with greater heel heights. In the spirit of making every stride better, Newton shoes feature lower heel to toe drops to put you in a position to run most naturally. With Newton Running, you get full-foot cushioning and protection.

Our shoes have three different P. P designations for three different rides. You have heard how well Sweat X works for yoga pants, shoes and hockey gloves for a long time. Our Detergent is not only extremely effective but also safe and can help keep kids and athletes healthy.

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Check out the article here. But are all supplements created equal, or might some be more beneficial than others?

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Vitamins are important nutrients which the body cannot produce, and which must be found from dietary sources. In fact, your commitment to running regularly, drinking plenty of water and eating healthily may already be far more effective than any supplement you may take.

Ken Combs Running Store

For runners looking to boost their nutrition, foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas and tomatoes are packed with vitamins. From building strong muscles and bones to strengthening your immune system so you feel well enough to get out and train, these are a healthy and tasty way to support your body. In a world where everyone is busy and doing the best they can to manage their health, taking vitamin supplements can seem like a quick and easy way to fill a gap in your diet. Even better, look for fresh, frozen or canned fruit and vegetables to provide the all round nutrition that your body needs in order to feel and run its best.

Ken Combs Running Store. Race day packet pickup runs from a. Join us on Saturday morning, August 4th for the 6th Annual St. Matthews Baptist Church. There will be lots of prizes and walkers are welcome!