How to stack coupons at buy buy baby

This can really curb your savings if you're trying to stock up on something when the price is right.

All of the Best buybuy BABY Coupon Tips & Shopping Hacks

An obvious workaround is to politely ask the cashier to break up your purchase into separate transactions so you can use the coupon on each. However, some stores also limit the coupon to one use per visit — which would shoot that workaround in the foot.

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A better way to get around the quantity limit is to learn how to stack coupons to your advantage. This is when you use a store-issued coupon in conjunction with a manufacturer coupon, and in essence, double your savings. Then if you want to stock up and buy more than a single item, you can use the store-issued coupon on one item, and the manufacturer coupon on another. By doing it this way, you still get similar savings and avoid the dirty looks. The couponing world has seen some pretty cool technological advances in recent years.

Cash Back Restrictions

For example, did you know that many manufacturer coupons now have data encrypted into them that can often extend their expiration dates via a grace period? The most obvious way to determine this "grace period" is to have the cashier scan them individually and see if they're accepted or rejected. Coupon & Deals

Have you ever tried to use a retailer's coupon only to discover the brand you're trying to purchase is excluded from the coupon? These coupon exclusions often come directly from the brand's headquarters, as they don't want to be considered a "discount" brand by consumers.

The good news is that many retailers will often overlook certain brand exclusion and give you the coupon discount anyways, or offer another solution to help you score a deal. The key takeaway here is to try and use the coupon anyways. Many employees are trained to always keep the customer happy and will either give you the discount, or have a different coupon you can use to score similar savings.

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